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Jul 24, 4. The most musical is Taurus, period.

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Jul 24, 5. Jul 24, 6. Earth signs tend to have good vocals if they're singers or those with earth sign mercuries, second best maybe water Jul 24, 7.

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How did y'all forget Stevie Wonder? He's a Taurus. Jul 24, 8. Loving the Taurus love. I also agree with Gemini. I feel like that's one of the only other signs I've met with great musical taste and talent. Jul 24, 9. Many musical geniuses have Gemini as their zodiac sign. Jul 24, Deff Taurus. Im also claiming Selena as a Taurus, she was born on April 16th, Aries, but since Taurus season starts April 20th, she's a cusp-er :.

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Capricorn Aries Scorpio. Taurus Pisces Libra Gemini Moon in a fire sign can also gift a person with a beautiful singing voices eg. Aries I believe love the performance of it all lol. Maybe Virgo and Pisces? My hubby is a Virgo and he is a very talented piano player he doesn't do it for a living, but he is phenomenal.

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  • And being the most sensual of the Earth signs, Tauruses are happy listening to the sort of music that will give them goosebumps. Tauruses are ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty, art and musical instruments, so they love beautiful sounds and probably appreciate music the most out of all the Earth signs.

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    When it comes to going out and dancing, as long as there's a place to sit — especially for the Tauruses — then they'll be fine. Virgos are probably the Earth sign that likes to go out the most, and will really enjoy meeting people and dancing and having the whole experience, whereas for Capricorns, unless they're on the VIP or guest list, they're not going to waste time going out when they'd rather stay home working. Of all the signs, the air signs really appreciate new technology in music most, so when it comes to new trends or music that sounds different, they will love it.

    Libras are going to be the ones who are most drawn to love songs, because they're ruled by Venus, which is very romantic and affectionate, so they're suckers for that sort of thing. And again, Venus rules the arts, so they really appreciate musicality in general. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so any sort of rap is great because it's very lyrically driven.

    And Aquariuses are the most inventive of all the air signs, and the ones who are most appreciative of technology, so for them, any electronic or experimental music will seem appealing. In terms of consumption, air signs are very mentally busy and are really into multitasking so they're going to be having music on no matter what they're doing. They were the kids in middle school who had the radio on while they were doing homework.

    Indicators Of Dancing Talent Astrology

    Water signs give themselves so fully to music that they can end up losing themselves within it. Pisces in particular love any kind of music that is trippy and takes them to another world; they're definitely the hippies of the zodiac. They love music from all decades and use music as a way to connect to the past; they're very nostalgic and emotional about what they listen to in that way. Water signs also definitely love to create music. While Annie Lennox has a remarkable musical-success synchronisation in the geocentric astrology, there's one in the helio astrology with "a hole" in it.

    The structure also holds t-square energy, which can be frustrating. This man is, of course, David Stewart. In the heliocentric astrology, his Pallas musical composer creates a barrage of positive aspects to Annie's synchronisation, unlocking it. There are, of course, other important interaspects behind the success of the Eurythmics, but in this dimension, all it took to unlock the massive promise of Annie's planets was Pallas at Note that the green lines, the trines, are pure enhancement aspects.

    The Best Musical Genre for You

    They represent fame Uranus from beautiful Venus musical compositions Pallas. Zodiac 7 - another dimension. By using the planetary symbolisms for Mercury, Neptune and Pallas we can always find the geometry that underpins the success of a musician. This geometry can be found in any of the six different realms. Apart from the traditional, rotational dimension of the geocentric astrology we have the declinations, where aspects are also formed.

    These declinational aspects are called parallels and contra-parallels and Magi Astrology has the methodology for interpreting aspects and synchronizations also in this realm. We then have the two similar dimensions in the heliocentric astrology, the rotational and the sine-curve latitudes.

    watch Finally, we have the so-called Zodiac 7 dimension of Magi Astrology. Detractors have criticized the Magi Society for drumming up the importance of this, saying "it's nothing new" and that it's "just the 7th harmonic aspects". Well, the Zodiac 7 realm is comprised of the 7th harmonic aspects, that's for sure, but what's "new" about it is the Magi Astrology symbolisms for the planets work consistently here also. The combination of the Zodiac 7 dimension in combination with the correct symbolism is what cuts it. Not having the correct symbolisms is like trying to find a hotel in London with a New York map.

    The validity of the Zodiac 7 aspects becomes clear when we look at the astrology of Teresa Teng, who at one point was named one of the top female singers in the world by Time magazine.

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    • When we look at the standard geocentric and helio dimensions, we see a few things that excites us, such as the helio contra- parallel of Mercury and Chiron, which represents a charismatic Chiron voice Mercury - and a synch in the declinations that represents commercial Ceres friendly and generous Vesta voice Mercury. But it's not until we inspect the Zodiac 7 dimensions that we get a Bingo. In the geocentric Zodiac 7 chart she had a synchronization of Mercury, Venus and Neptune - which represents a beautiful, graceful Venus sensitive and sensual Neptune voice Mercury.

      In the same realm she also had an astrotriangle created by Saturn, Pallas and Uranus. This gives her control Saturn of audiences Uranus through musical compositions Pallas. When we inspect the the helio Zodiac 7 we see the stamp of the super star. Talented Melbourne musician Tash Sultana presents us with another great example of how the Zodiac 7 astrology works. In the helio Zodiac 7 she has an astrotriangle created by Mercury, Pallas, and Chiron.

      Remember, a closed triangle like this generates more astrological power. This triangle represents a charismatic career Chiron as a sequencing Pallas singer and musician Mercury. This means a charismatic career Chiron derived from the love of beauty and harmony Vesta with the resulting popularity Vesta. The two planets that tie into this are Mercury and Venus.