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How the day of the month you are born defines your personality

You can also find out on our page that lists every Official Number 1 single ever , going back to Just for fun, we punched in the 14th birthdays of some music stars to see which song supposedly defines them best. Of course a total banger, and Number 1 for over ten weeks - representing two of the UK's biggest artists.

Bradley Cooper - Maybe It's Time (From A Star Is Born Soundtrack/ Audio)

View privacy policy. By Rob Copsey Twitter. Stormzy, George Ezra: Rihanna ft.

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Jay Z - Umbrella Of course a total banger, and Number 1 for over ten weeks - representing two of the UK's biggest artists. Anne-Marie: Tony Christie ft.

The Nursery Rhyme

Tell us what was Number 1 on your 14th birthday below:. You are precise and take great care in what you do. You are highly-principled, disciplined, and responsible. You take your obligations very seriously.

Birthday No.1

You are highly ethical. You can be proud and upright, but, conversely, you are not particularly arrogant.

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  6. You have compassion for people. You tend to persevere in the face of an obstacle or personality problem.

    click You love your family and make a wonderful mate. Yet, you are not overly emotional, nor very demonstrative of your love. You tend to understate your affections.

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    You are constantly focused on the foundations of your life - whether it is in business, career, or family matters, you take care of the basics. You are highly rational.

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    You are not one for pie-in-the-sky solutions to problems. Nor are you given to get-rich-quick schemes.