Pisces february horoscope susan miller

You will be tempted to overspend, so leave money in the bank.

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You will gain respect and close deals by being your charming self. Don't let anyone take you for granted. Don't spend more than you can afford to part with. Organize activities that will include friends. You are bored with some of the connections you've made and need to re-evaluate things.

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Take part in competitive sports or games. You need an outlet for your pent-up energy. Read your full weekly horoscope Use the buttons below to go to the different categories for the other zodiac signs. You might want to check out the horoscopes for your romantic partner or business associates. It is alternatively possible that you will also be purchasing something expensive, like a house or automobile, this month, or writing a check for college tuition.

If you are making a large outlay, it appears you will find the funds you need and will do so on time, and with ease. Although the universe will be speaking clearly that money will be your focus or should I say, obsession? You might be wondering as you read this if you would be risking a loss by waiting until late April or May to make a final decision.

Not at all — you will only gain power and control if you go slowly.

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  8. The Sun and new moon will move on to Taurus, but they are the only heavenly bodies that will! In contrast, May will bring stability, calm, and outstanding favor to you, Pisces! The new moon will appear on April 3 and get the ball rolling. That new moon will conjoin Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, and that is an excellent sign that a generous amount of cash is currently being earmarked for you.

    Jupiter was your ancient ruling planet, before your modern ruler, Neptune, was discovered. Astrologers still look to Jupiter as well as Neptune to formulate your forecast. The fact that Jupiter is standing close to this new moon is a very good sign that despite crosscurrents in the air, things should go your way in the end. Jupiter has not visited your solar second house of income since , so this is a rare visit, but soon Jupiter will leave, on June 4.

    The Pisces Man: February 19 – March 20

    Jupiter first entered your second house of earned income on January 22 of this year, but if you have not seen the full benefit of his benefic presence, that would be understandable for one reason. Until now you have not had precisely the right one, but you will with the new moon April 3.

    Furthermore, on April 5, two days later, you will experience one of your very best financial days of the year when Jupiter and the Sun will be meeting in conjunction. Still, as encouraging as April 5 will be, do not make any firm decisions or commitments quite yet. Here is why. A note to Pisces astrologers: The Sun and Jupiter will meet on April 6, a day later, but the moon will be void on April 6, rendering it useless for meetings, as not much will stick or be decided. For that reason, I recommend making April 5 your day to set big appointments, as the energy of the Sun and Jupiter will still be building steam as they move to approach and finalize their conjunction.

    Mercury will be among the planets in Aries filling your second house of income, but will be retrograde from March 30 to April Any decisions you make during that phase or even in the days that closely cluster those dates may prove problematic. You may encounter a few glitches that will need to be discussed. Because Mercury rules negotiations, communication, perception, understanding, translation, memory, and other intellectual activities, it is not the right time to make any major decisions.

    Susan Miller spills the tea for | Out In Jersey

    Mercury also rules all phases of commerce, too, so if you buy or sell a big-ticket item, you are likely to be unhappy about your purchase later. When it comes to signing off on deals, or even giving a verbal nod, you need to wait until after April You can have discussions, but you must not come to final conclusions. In the meantime, the offer may improve, or you may get another counteroffer. Things work out in mysterious ways during Mercury retrograde, but it is always to your advantage to wait until Mercury has regulated its orbit.

    Mars will be among the planets in your income house too from April 2 to May 15, suggesting that your expenses may climb in April and May, perhaps because you are making a large outlay of cash to purchase something important, as I spoke about earlier in your report.

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    5. Or, the presence of Mars may indicate you are now in a dispute about money that you are trying to work out. If so, during April and part of May you will strive to find accord. Mars can make the discussions heated at times, so you need to be ready for that. Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments, is now in Aries and your house of earned income, too. As you see, you have a whole family of chattering, noisy, and nosey little planets ready to put in their two cents about any money matter you are discussing.

      http://clublavoute.ca/fagog-pilagos-citas.php By himself, Uranus is known to vacillate, shock, and even bring strange situations sometimes. News can go either way, good or bad, depending on the nature, angle, and conversation Uranus will have with another planet. I am a bit concerned that Mars and Uranus will combine forces on April 3 the same day as the new moon for together they can produce a hot, explosive outburst of tempers that could spiral out of control. Still, with Uranus you never know what to expect — it is never what you are looking at.

      I suppose it is possible you might find you agree on all the points easily and quickly — so much so that you might be shocked! Or, the other party may make a sudden offer out of the blue, at an odd time. When it comes to money, expect the unexpected, especially within a week of April 3. Saturn will stand across the skies, at degrees, and stare at all the planets in your second house of earned income. It may be a bit of both, and I am sure you are laughing as I say this because you knew this already!

      Even so, Jupiter is powerful and he will be with you until June 4, which is significant. But you DO have him at your side, and that makes all the difference! Jupiter will move to Taurus on June 4, so it behooves you to make your financial agreement prior to that date.

      As you see, being your best friend and astrologer this month has truly tested my skills, as the picture in the sky is one that is giving a whole range of mixed messages that I have had to sort out for you, dear Pisces. I believe this is when our bonus would be paid, though I still think our bonus is going to be pizza and cookies.

      Pisces 2019 - 2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

      Your eighth house governs all types of financial obligations and outside income, including taxes due and tax refunds coming to you. Oddly, this full moon, operative plus or minus four days from April 17, coincides with tax day in America. You may be paying your taxes, but hopefully, you will be due a nice refund instead! This house so lit on April 17 also covers commissions, court settlements, inheritance, prize money, bonuses, mortgage, refinancing plans, tuition financial aid, scholarships, child support, alimony, and the resulting division of property in a divorce.

      Susan Miller's Birth Chart

      Included too are insurance payouts, and the like, so any of these areas may be active this month for you. Neptune will be friendly to this full moon, suggesting you will be agreeable to the results you get. Most people think of Venus as the planet of love, but this graceful planet also rules money and expensive gifts, so when Venus tours Aries on April 21 to May 15, you will have another financially-oriented planet to work hard on your behalf.

      Dear Pisces, although you seem to have a few conflicting messages from the planets when it comes to money, I feel you will come out head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. I spoke of Neptune just now, and as you may know, Neptune is your ruling planet, and therefore any movements or conversations that Neptune has are always important to you as a Pisces. Of course! In April there is a staggering development — Neptune is about to move into Pisces for the first time in your lifetime on April 4.

      Neptune has not been in Pisces since ! Although Neptune will stay a short time — only until August 4 — it will have a big impact on you. Neptune will retrograde back to Aquarius in August , but will come back to Pisces, for good, in February Once Neptune returns, he will settle into Pisces for 14 years, until ! This represents a huge shift in your life, and one you will adore.

      Very interesting! Your creativity is about to be rewarded in a big way, and each success will lead you to bigger and better successes. Right now it is too soon for you to sense the changes, but you and I will discuss this major astrological event in more detail as we go along. Romantically, this month, Venus will be in Pisces, sending your popularity sky high from April 1 to This will be your very best period for love. Also, the concentration of energy in your second house will also boost your confidence.