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They always look before they leap. So a Taurean will never make hasty decisions. They care deeply for their loved ones and will go to any extent to protect them. Thus, patience and tolerance is a virtue that can help them climb up successfully in life. Being ruled by planet Venus, Taurus zodiac sign people are creative and have a love for good quality and luxurious things. Good food and good wine is the right place to start if you are looking to please the Bull. The Taurus personality can be extremely possessive about their family, friends, property, and anything they might care for.

Being rooted to the earth, they will not concede an inch of it without a battle and will fight tooth and nail for it. A Taurus man or woman is also reticent. And, they are most dangerous to comprehend since they do not express their feelings openly. They will wait for the right moment to strike and will have their own sweet, often grinding revenge! Taurus astrology also shows that they have an extremely high level of tolerance. They have a ferocious temper and can be spiteful, spewing venom with their every single word or action!

Also, extreme stubbornness on their part only helps to increase the discomfort of the person at the receiving end.

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Moreover, a Taurus has pretty strong convictions, and this makes them the least receptive to other ideas and beliefs. At times, they can also be lazy, and they love to sleep at the slightest instance if given a chance. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! This couple will clash even in love as they have opposing personalities. The Taurus and Taurus compatibility can be like a house on fire or be a total washout! The Taurus and Gemini business relationship works out well, but as lovers, the initial attraction might die out soon.

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The Taurus zodiac sign and Cancer are both devoted to their family and will make good partners in bed. The Lion is attracted to the strong Bull, but their bossy nature might not go down well with the Taurean. This Taurus Virgo love compatibility is excellent as both are practical, grounded and love their families. This Taurus Libra relationship can work out sexually and emotionally. They are both artistically inclined and love the good things in life. The Taurus and Scorpio are both secretive and can be good friends as long as each gives the other space.

Capricorn and Taurus make a perfect combination since they have a natural empathy towards each other. This is match best avoided as both are opposite. The Taurus person is rooted while the Aquarian loves to fly. The adaptability of the Pisces coupled with a submissive nature is what attracts the Taurus initially.

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Zodiac Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 The Taurus zodiac sign is solid, dependable and above all, sensual! And the best part is that they reveal these qualities over time, not all together.

The Taurus will crave for the company of someone who is strong and practical like them. They like material gifts from their lovers but are also receptive to heartfelt, sincere compliments.

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They like to hug and be hugged since that seems to give them a feeling of security and general well being. The Taurus male or Taurus female likes their lovers to be honest and sincere. And oh yes, the Bull can be a passionate lover too! Taureans are highly receptive to the idea of long, winding sexual encounters. And in between, they also like their partners to massage them and perhaps whip up a good meal for them! Although the stubborn Taurus characteristics can lead them to have occasional fights with their partners, they are also eager from within to make up as fast as possible, perhaps because their world centers on their loved ones.

One needs to make the Taurus partner feel safe; that way you bring out their most sensual self.

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The two words that perhaps best express the Taurus way of love is pure and yes, physical! Maybe you will start a new track. Learn to shake them off and fight on. Ah, the Sun in Taurus. Eating the highest quality chocolates all day. The Sun in Taurus is about staking out a claim and working to reap its harvest. It is also very possible, and this is covered below the house list, that your sun has a harsh aspect to it. For first house Taurus Suns, what is around them tells them and what they have shows them who they are. In a way, they see themselves in everything they plant.

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This Sun placement tends to earn money by doing what Taurus does: planting seeds, often times in a very physical way. There may be a tendency for this placement to collect things unnecessarily and could create somebody who keeps things in the off chance they may need them, regardless of how small that chance is. Sun in Taurus in the Third house collects connections like no other. In the chance they move, this placement is incredible at building a new home from scratch with all the homey love that rivals even Cancer and is likely to collect property wherever they are.

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Natives with this placement may also be drawn to construction work and take immense pride in what they build. Generally, these people are quite crafty, ranging from small handmade items to large works of construction.

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Arts and sciences dealing with creating a healthy environment or way of life such as dietician work, yoga, feng shui, and practical architecture are all great lines of work for this placement. Even if not done a professional setting, these are likely daily tasks for this placement. Natives with a 7 th House Taurus Sun are able to take real world objects and find the balance in them, which often manifests as them being great with art or other activities that involve objects being where they need to be. This placement also thrives in stable environments and can be counted on to be there when others need them, sometimes resulting in them giving too much of what they have to someone they care about.

This can be an advantage when dealing with business prospects, as this placement is likely to be able to seize something that someone else is no longer using and make it into something workable, but it can also lead to identity issues where the native is unable to tell when something belongs to them and when it belongs to someone else. They typically stick to one ideology throughout their lifetime, but that one path is what takes them everywhere they go whether it be a goal or other commitment.

Those interpretations are true for people who have an easy time manifesting their Sun with easy blue trines, sextiles, conjunctions or a neutral time with neutral green aspects semi-sextiles, quincuxes but people who have harder time with hard red aspects squares, semi-squares, oppositions might feel a little left out. If you have a hard aspect to your Sun, it might feel a little more like these descriptions below:.

The downside of this aspect is that Leo planets may make it to where Taurus planets are able to have less and do less because they give it away for free in some way to feel grand or noticed but the upside is that when these two are successfully combined, Taurus is able to build something bigger than it ever thought possible. As a result, Taurus is likely to experience setbacks from their constructions of any kind, in any house being constantly destroyed.

There is, however, an upside to this; Taurus can never build something that is faulty. With the Scorpio planet constantly chipping away at weaker constructions, when Taurus is able to complete something, it is rock solid. That has mostly to do with borrowing characteristics from Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus.

The placement of our Venus shows us how we possess things and how we decide what is valuable and what is not. Be sure to subscribe for more astrology content! Taurus girls are strong and sturdy both physically and mentally. They are golden-hearted foodies, who could sacrifice everything for the four f-s:. Your Taurus lover is hungry about eroticism, security, and dependability above all things.

This may not seem like the most thrilling romance, however, nobody beats Taurus for the sheer pleasure in the nice things throughout life. Yummy foods, a warm and cozy home, and the harmony and quietness of a secure relationship — these are the things that Taurus man crave in a relationship. Photography is the best! Just tell me! Taurus is best person to make a Cancer laugh..

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As a Capricorn, I usually find that Taurean people get along well with my sign. We are both Earth energies and have concrete ideas about how the world works - We take a practical, methodical approach to life. Of course, like any sign there are differences between individuals. There are good Tauruses, bad Tauruses, and every shade in between. Queen Elizabeth II. This queen rarely gives interviews, but is known for her sense of religious and civic duty. Duty is simple to a Taurus- you do what you have to do.

That is pointless and tiresome. I think there is something to be said about how Elizabeth II has silently and steadily reigned for many years, only speaking out to promote duty and resilience.

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Throughout all my life and with all my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust. Comedian George Lopez is also a Taurus, known for his matter-of-fact humor about his ethnic background. His blunt comic style is warmly received, even though he chooses potentially sensitive topics. I was surrounded by people who had both parents, which made me feel different. Having a bit of a rougher existence early on, it made me appreciate the work ethic that my grandparents instilled in me.